Voice Systems Shark10 powered monitor

The Voice Systems Shark10 powered monitor is multi-functional. It can be set-up as a monitor, but also mounted on a stand to work as a normal PA speaker. For this reason I own two. When on a gig I can use it to amplify the complete combo, but I can also place one underneath my chair when I play along in an orchestra and blend in nicely.

The Shark 10 is a fairly compact, but powerful, speaker. It has two built-in amplifiers (BI-amped), 200 Watt for the 10 inch woofer (LF) and a separate 50 Watt for the 1 inch driver (HF). The forced cooling of the internal amplifier called RICS (Reflex Improved Cooling System project), uses a special circulation of the internal air.
The maximum sound pressure level is 124dB at 1 meter, which is, when placed high enough, enough for a medium sized hall or pub with about a 100 people. Our combo mainly plays background music, so power is not so much an issue; sound quality is. The Shark 10 produces a nice clear sound with a wide frequency range for such a small unit, 60-20.000 Hz. It has a built-in Hi definition control equalization used to set it up for speach or music, mainly affecting the response linearity. It has two balanced (one XLR and one 1/4" jack) line inputs, a balanced XLR microphone input and a balanced (XLR) mixed output to link to another speaker or subwoofer. The line input and the microphone levels can be controlled separately on the speaker. The units have a built-in dynamic limiter protection to prevent overloads.
The size is 32,8 cm (width) by 32,8 cm (depth) by 52 cm (height) and it weighs 18 kg.