Gig-rig AUDIO connections

The GIG-RIG AUDIO connections all are really straight forward. I can use one of my two high-quality Sennheiser MD441 dynamic microphones for use with my acoustic saxes and for any other purpose on a gig, like annoucements, vibraphone, etc. Currently, I don't have an effects processor in my gig-rig because I don't play the acoustic saxes anymore with my combo. Maybe in the future I will add such a processor and return to playing the saxes again.
The MONO signals from the two VL70-m's are fed to the MONO channels 2 and 3 of the Grapevine KeyMix6 mixer. The output of the Compaq iPAQ 3850 is connected to the mixer's STEREO channel 4 using a STEREO cable. However, I have set the software (MIDI and AUDIO player) to generate MONO signals.

This set-up leaves the two stereo inputs (channels 5 and 6) free to use for other outboard equipment, like the digital piano of our piano player.

The MAIN MONO Output signal of the KeyMix6 mixer are fed to one or two Voice Systems Shark 10 active monitors/speakers. Next to that the Monitor out of the mixer also functions as a STEREO headphone output where I connect one of my Sennheiser headphones (either wireless or with a cord) to pratice at home. When I want to connect the equipment to the Home Studio I now have to rewire everything. In the future I might add an interface plate in the back of the rack bag to easily connect every device to the Home Studio gear.