Acoustic Saxes

I have three Selmer saxophones, a Super Action Series III Soprano, a Super Action Series II Alto and a Super Action Series II Tenor.
After trying several mouthpieces I ended up using the Selmer SA80 C* for the Soprano and for the Alto and the Otto Link 7* for the Tenor. With all mouthpieces I use the BG Revelation Jazz Ligatures. These provide a nice clear sound. I use Vandoren Traditional reeds that I cut and grind to meet my personal taste. For Soprano with C* mouthpiece I use reed number 3, for Alto with C* number 3.5 and for Tenor wih Otto Link 7* number 2.5. The Soprano is carried around in its original gig-bag, for the Alto and Tenor I use the Protec sax-shaped gig-bags. Lots of space is needed to house accessories like reed cutters, reeds, tuner, cleaning swabs, etc.