Here you can listen to some songs that I recorded in my Home Studio.

  • Sunny Icicle - Frank Willems
  • ©2003 (2.88 MB)
    On a sunny cold winterday, I was playing around with BIAB and got me a nice backing track. The melody sort of came to me in an instant when improvising around the chords.
    The track consists of Fingered Bass, Standard Drum Kit and the CP80 electric grand from the Yamaha SW1000XG soundcard, the tenor sax is the MBrecker patch of the TurboVL and the solo is played using the Stevie! patch of the same VL70 chip.

  • Sandrine - Frank Willems
  • ©2003 (4.18 MB)
    This song is dedicated to my daughter Sandrine (22 Nov. 2002).
    I used BIAB to set up the backing tracks which were later edited using Cubase. The melody is recorded using the KennyGee patch and the guitar solo is recorded using the Clapton patch, both from the TurboVL chip.

  • The Out Of - Work - Out - Frank Willems
  • ©2003 (3.76 MB)
    The backing tracks are created using BIAB. The tracks where then customized in Cubase. I used the Sanborn patch from the TurboVl for the melody and the JazzGtr! patch from the original VL70-m sounds for the guitar solo.

  • Season Ballad - Frank Willems
  • ©2003 (3.33 MB)
    A simple Jazz Ballad with the VL70 TurboVL's Getz Tnr (Tenor saxophone) for the lead, the Mute Tpt (Mute Trumpet) for the backing along with the Acoustic Bass and Standard drumkit from the Yamaha SW1000XG soundcard and Steinberg's The Grand grand piano.

  • Longing For The South - Frank Willems
  • ©2003 (2.40 MB)
    A Samba with the VL70 TurboVL's Trumpet for the lead, the Flute for the backing along with the Fretless Bass, Electric Piano and Standard drumkit from the Yamaha SW1000XG soundcard.

  • J.P. Sousa - The High School Cadets - arr. Frank Willems
  • ©2003 (2.30 MB)
    The recording of The High School Cadets was initiated after the call for song submissions for the Second Wind CD. In the search for a usable public domain song I was pointed to this song by Martin van Osch, the bass player in our Jazz Combo. Although, originally being a march for military band, we thought it would be a nice song to convert to big band style to show the possibilities of using a wind controller.

    After downloading the original score from the internet, I searched for the exact chords. These chords were inputted in Band in a Box where we “Jazzed Up” the chords and created a style; merely altering and combining existing ones. The bass, drum and piano tracks were exported to Midi to be used in Cubase VST 5.1 as the basis for the song. From the original score I arranged the song using alto, tenor and baritone saxophone, two trombones (tenor and bass) and three trumpets.

    Each instrument was played into Cubase using the Yamaha WX5 together with an Alesis Quadrasynth Plus Piano synthesizer containing Patchman Music sounds. Everything was recorded “live” from the wind controller without too much processing of the notes afterwards to maintain a lively feeling instead of a sterile computerized feeling. When all tracks were created as MIDI tracks, they were one by one converted to audio using the sounds of a Yamaha VL-70m with TurboVL soundchip and Alesis Quadrasynth for the Bass Trombone to create the final sound. The drums and bass sounds are coming from a Yamaha SW1000XG soundcard, the piano is from Steinberg’s The Grand.

    Mastering was done in Cubase using an M-Audio Delta 410 soundcard with 8 outs through a Phonic MR2643X mixer. I've added some Reverb from a Cubase plug-in and changed the EQ per channel to come up with more realistic acoustic sounds.”

  • Antonio Vivaldi - Concerto for Oboe Opus 8, No. 12 - Allegro
  • ©2003 (4.09 MB)
    This piece has been recorded in Steinberg's Cubase VST 5.1 using Steinberg's The Grand for the piano part and the Yamaha VL70's Oboe patch from the TurboVL chip. The piano part is taken from the web and I overdubbed the oboe part.