Grapevine KeyMix6 Rack Mixer

The Grapevine KeyMix6 rack mixer is designed by SPL (Sound Performance Lab). It is a high quality mixer intended for keyboards. It has 3 mono imputs of which 2 can be used for microphones, which comes in handy when I play my acoustic saxes. The first MIC input (1) has an XLR input on the front panel. In the back this channel has Send and Return connections for effects processing. The Return can also be used to connect a MONO line level signal to channel 1. On channel 1 Gain can be adjusted, 48V phantom power can be switched ON and it has a "to monitor only" switch so the signal will only be send out to the monitor output, so not to the Master output. The second MIC input (2) has only a balanced input for microphones. You can also connect an unbalanced Line Level signal. It also has a "to monitor only" switch. Channel 3 can be used for a MONO Line Level signal. Both channels 2 and 3 have Gain and PAN controls on the front. Channels 4, 5 and 6 are MONO or STEREO Line Level inputs with Gain controls.
The Mixer has separate MONO or STEREO Monitor and Master outputs that can be controlled from the front panel. Where there's also a ON/OFF switch and power indicator. The Monitor output can also be used for headphones.
In the back you will also find a MAIN INSERT for connecting external signal processing equipment as well as a Ground Lift switch.

In all, a very usefull and versatile, but small (1U), rack mixer with good sound quality.