The gig-rig I used until beginning 2006 was a 6U rack containing three sound modules (Alesis S4+, two Yamaha VL70-m's), a Digitech S100 MIDI controlled effects processor, an Emagic AMT8 MIDI Interface/Patchbay and a Samson PL1602 rack mixer. Next to that, I used two Voice Systems Shark 10 powered monitors to use on stage and a Palm Pilot IIIxe with IttyMIDI software operating as a MIDI file player. Three acoustic saxes; a Selmer SAIII soprano, a Selmer SAII alto and a Selmer SAII tenor with two Sennheiser MD441N microphones completed the gig-rig.
The gig-rig was built up in such a way, that it's possible to quickly install it on stage, but also in my home studio, just by connecting a few cables.
On the following pages I will explain the use of each piece of equipment.

Part of the equipment is sold other parts are promoted to the Home Studio.